Stump grinding is done after all tree removal work has been completed. Stump work is contracted out and a different specialized crew will come out within one to three business days after trees have been successfully removed. The stump grinder it is a self-propelled, tired machine that is approximately three feet wide and eight feet long, just small enough to fit through a standard gate. It has a rotating head with teeth that spins at a high rate of speed, digging approximately 8 – 10 inches beneath the ground. Because of the depth of the stump grinder can dig, in some cases utilities have to be marked prior to stump grinding. The grinder chips the stump into small debris. Please note all stump grinding debris is left on site, unless an agreement noted on the proposal has been made to have it removed.

If your fence needs to be removed in order for the stump grinding machine to gain access, we can remove your fence as an accommodation if the tree crew is already on site. Otherwise fence removal and reinstallation will be the responsibility of the homeowner unless otherwise noted on the proposal’s scope of work.

Premier Tree Solutions will contact 811 for you. Once called, it may take 5 – 7 days for the utilities to be marked. Once the utilities have been marked, we ask that you let us know so that we can call in the work order for the stump grinding. Locate request are for stump grinding only.
The homeowner is responsible for notifying the estimator of any underground irrigation and any underground low voltage wiring.  City and county services do not mark water lines on your property, so it is the responsibility of the homeowner to advise us where the water lines lead to your home if you are having stump grinding or grading work performed.  Please note Premier Tree Solutions or stump grinding company cannot be responsible or held liable for damages done by stump grinding machine for unidentified irrigation, low voltage and water lines.
If your job requires a log pick-up, logs will be stacked in a designated area to be picked up by Graham Logging. Premier Tree Solutions will call that work order in and log pick up generally takes one to two business days.
The only people who will be on your property will be employees of Premier Tree Solutions. In some cases, a crane or stump grinder is required for the job. If so, then employees from those respective companies will perform work on your property. Any companies we contract with are required to be licensed and fully insured.
In certain circumstances, a crane may be required to remove your tree in safe manner. At the time of your proposal that scenario will be addressed and thoroughly discussed.
Yes, we are fully insured. Our most current insurance certificate can be found on our website for your review. Please feel free to do your due diligence and call our insurance agent to verify our coverage or if you have any questions.
Yes, we carry workers compensation insurance for all our employees. Please feel free to do your due diligence and call our insurance agent to verify our insurance or if you have any questions. Our insurance certificate can be reviewed on our website.
Yes, all of our tree crews are specialized, experienced tree crew members who are employed by Premier Tree Solutions and are covered under our workers’ compensation insurance program.
There are many factoring variables that go into properly removing or pruning trees in a safe manner – location, accessibility, size, etc. All properties and tree work can be very unique, therefore, it is best to physically see and assess the tree work involved and the layout of your property to provide you the most accurate pricing.
Absolutely not. We require payment upon completion of rendered services. Since stump grinding is completed on a separate day, you can make two separate payments upon completion of respective work – one for tree removal/pruning work and second for stump grinding.
Absolutely, we remove all tree work debris (with the exception of stump grinding debris). Our goal is to clean up the areas in which the work was being performed and accessed so thoroughly, that it looks like we were never there. Even with the complexity and extensiveness the tree removal process presents, we do our best to leave the property in the best possible condition.
The homeowner. There is a list of city ordinances located on our website under Tree Ordinance. Please review your respective city to determine if a required tree permit is necessary. In most cases, a permit fee is not assessed. Any tree work requiring a tree removal permit by your city will only be removal after a permit has been obtained.
Distance plays a significant factor in pricing a job. Our equipment is based in Roswell and if the distance is too great, we wouldn’t be able to provide you with our best, competitive price, which we always strive to give. It would be more cost-effective for you to find a tree service company closer in your area.