What is tree removal?

Tree removal can be as simple as cutting the tree and allowing it to fall down safely or it can be as difficult as climbing the tree to cut the tree into sections, by rigging, and safely navigating the tree safely down. Premier Tree Solutions is here to serve customers for any small or big tree removal jobs.  Nothing is too complicated for our experienced crew members… We’ll rise to the occasion!  The forefront of any job is our crew members’ safety and preservation of our customer’s property.

Why remove trees?

A dead tree can be very dangerous. Safe tree removal is very important in protecting the safety of your family, home, business, or others. It is essential to use a company like, Premier Tree Solutions, who is licensed and insured, because of the danger and safety issues involved with tree removal. Also, years of experience a company has, should be factored into your decision-making process, when choosing a company to remove your trees.

When should you remove trees?

Trees should be removed before it’s too late! Premier Tree Solutions inspect trees daily and gives clients honest, expert advice. When a tree has irreversibly declined, removal is the only option. It is best to have your trees inspected before they become dangerous. Our clients’ safety is our utmost concern.

Tree trimming experts say it’s a matter of knowing what to cut, how much to cut and when to take the saws and pruners out of the truck. We at Premier Tree Solutions are experts at various species of trees and understand when to trim and how to properly trim trees to foster the tree. Not all trees are the same nor should they be trimmed the same! Benefits to trimming trees: There are a number of benefits to properly trimming the trees in your yard. Proper trimming improves the health of your trees by removing dead, decaying or dying branches. Trimming trees also protects the branch structure and reduces hazards such as falling limbs or low-hanging branches. On fruit trees, trimming can improve the size and quantity of the crop.
What is Pruning?

Pruning is removing dead, diseased, or undesirable limbs. Pruning, when done properly, can improve the shape or growth of a tree. Usually, trees are pruned as preventative or as a corrective measure to remove dead branches, crowded or rubbing limbs, eliminate hazards, and create light and air penetration.

Why Should You Prune?

Pruning is mainly to remove parts of the tree that are no longer useful. Some Reasons For Pruning:

  • Improve the overall health of the tree
  • Control or direct new growth
  • Prevent the spread of disease by removing dead or damaged branches
  • Improve air circulation and allow light to shine through
  • Correct weak or narrow crotches in the tree
  • To accentuate trees best features
  • Cross branching
  • Remove limbs that are not safe and could be hazardous

When Should You Prune?

Pruning of trees can be done at any time during the year. When pruning, you should never prune more than 30% of the tree to prevent stress or damage. Pruning should be done periodically.

At Premier Tree Solutions, we provide expert pruning by our trained crew members, practice spike-less pruning and conform to ANSI 300 Standards. Using spikes can cause further damage and stress to the tree. *We use spikes for tree removal only.

At Premier Tree Solutions, we are experts in the practice of hand pruning. If the job allows, or the client requests, our skilled professionals, can hand prune your trees, shrubs, and bushes.
Storm damage and severe weather are unfortunate, but is inevitable.

Storms can be costly and devastating.  Premier Tree Solutions is here to help our clients through this difficult time. Our prices are consistent and do not increase in a devastating situations.

We know how frightening it can be when dealing with catastrophes.  Premier Tree Solutions will guide our clients through every step of the way, to ensure your property and family is kept safe.

When violent storms or tornados rip through your property, clients can count on Premier Tree Solutions to clean up the mess with an honest and competitive price.

When tragedy strikes, we not only take care of your storm damage, we are experts at cleaning up storm debris.

Trees may have fallen, branches strewn all over the property, trees may be perched against a home, on top of an automobile, or they smashed in a structure. You can rest assured… when storms threaten your property… we treat your property like it was our own and we’ll leave nothing behind.

“Whenever your property is at its worst… we are at our best.”

At Premier Tree Solutions, our skilled Bobcat operators can plan, grade, level, and clear any yard— to your exact specifications! Call or email us here for free proposal.
What is stump grinding and what is a stump grinder?

A stump grinder or stump cutter is a self-propelled machine that removes tree stumps by means of a rotating cutting disk that chips away the wood.

Stump grinders can be the size of a lawn mower or as large as truck. Most accomplish their task by means of a high-speed disk with teeth that grind the stump and roots into small chips.

A typical stump grinder incorporates a cutter wheel with fixed carbide teeth. The cutter wheel movements are controlled by hydraulic cylinders to push the cutter wheel teeth laterally through the stump and to raise and lower the cutter wheel.

Premier Tree Solutions completely removes your debris. Debris removal can be an arduous process for homeowners. We can get rid of all your recyclable debris and clean the area like it was never there… leavin’ nothing behind. Trees, branches, and old firewood are no match for our crew! We’ve got over 8 years in business!
Premier Tree Solutions has the latest and greatest technology for crane services for a low impact or NO impact footprint on your property for those complex and difficult, dangerous jobs.  We can handle it all!

Brad C.
Jeff, [I] wanted to pass along my thanks again for your help. Also, please pass along my thanks and kudos to the crew that you sent today. They were very helpful, professional, knowledgable and it was clear from the onset I had nothing to worry about.

Beyond that, minus a few missing problematic tress, you would never have known they were here. Clean up was amazing. I expected some limbs and leaves. None, they cleaned it all.

You and the crew you sent are great representatives of your brand. Please trust me when I tell you that I will be following through on the second part of the proposal in late June or early July. I will also be singing your praises to friends, neighbors and anyone else who will listen.

Thank you very much again from a very happy customer.

Brad C.- Tree Removal (May 4, 2015)
T. Sinclair
Scott and the guys did a very professional job yesterday in disposing of my tree and clean-up. I could not have asked for a better job. The techniques used were deliberate in making sure everything was keep in place and nothing was damaged. Thank you for all your excellent work.
T. Sinclair- Tree Removal (March 1, 2015)
Steve N.
As a business owner myself, I probably pay extra attention to how other companies service their customers and I’m sorry to say that it’s not often that I feel inclined to pay a compliment.  This said, I wanted to send a quick note to say thanks and point out the exceptional way your team handled my project over the past few days.

The ice and wind that we saw this week left trees down all over the city and I’m sure everyone wanted you to solve their problem immediately.  When I started looking for help with my leaning tree I expected a delayed response, a lengthy wait to get on a contractor’s schedule and an expensive quote.  From the moment I first talked with Paula, the communication was timely, courteous and helpful.  She sent John out the same day to provide an estimate that was very reasonable and she helped get my project scheduled the next day in order to avoid potential damage to my neighbor’s property.  I was especially impressed when Scott and his team showed up on time, took care of the problem and cleaned the area in under an hour….it was as if they were never there.

Thanks for helping me avoid a headache and please know that I will gladly refer Premier Tree Solutions to everyone in my neighborhood and beyond.

Steve N.- Tree Removal (January 20, 2015)
Mark A.
Big thanks to you guys.  Job well done.  Appreciate the quality of work plus attention to detail (including cleaning up after the job).
Mark A.- Tree Removal (January 17, 2015)
I just hung up with Paula and wrote your company a Google review. I must compliment you on exceptional service. The ladies in your office are sweethearts and the guys who came out yesterday not only did a great job, but they were nice as could be. Please feel free to use me as a reference in the future. Tonight, I will post a review about Premier Tree on the website that services my neighborhood and the 10 surrounding neighborhoods. Thanks again!
Abbey- Tree Removal (January 06, 2015)
Phil R.
Just wanted yo to know that the work was done this morning. I was very happy with the crew you sent. They knew exactly what needed to be done, did the job well, and the cleanup was perfect.
Phil R.- Tree Removal
Peter Z.
Thank you for the outstanding customer service. I submitted the contract for tree removal on Sunday and the trees were gone by lunchtime Monday afternoon. There was no debris left behind and they even cleaned up loose brush that was not a part of the project.
Peter Z.- Tree Removal
Karla W.
Just wanted to thank you for your quick response a couple weeks ago when we had a tree fall on the house. You guys sent a crew and within 30 minutes the tree was cut, hauled away and the yard cleaned. It was as if it never happened.
Karla W.- Tree Removal